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AC & Heating

Providing indoor weather solutions means more than supplying heating or cooling when you need it. We have been servicing Central Florida for more than 40+ years and have earned our reputation for doing the job right the first time.

Folsom Services Inc. is proud to feature a full line of Carrier products for commercial and residential applications. From the homeowner who demands the highest expectations for their residential needs, to the business owner who needs an efficient reliable service provider for maintenance repairs and replacement for their equipment, Folsom Services Inc. are here to deliver professional service.

We combine our ac innovative solutions with reliable, efficient and affordable Air conditioning systems. Our technicians will see that your system performs efficiently and effectively. Folsom Services Inc. provides complete preventative maintenance plans to keep your systems operating perfectly. All our services are backed by the strongest warranties in the business.
.Visit our facility at 25 E. 13th St. Cloud, FL 34769, and see for yourself the new Infinity Puron system designed to be the quietest, most reliable and 100% ozone friendly heat pump or air conditioner Carrier has ever made.

Folsom Services Inc. prides itself in providing the best service to our customers. Servicing the residents of Central Florida and many national accounts.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe indoors has become an increasingly important environmental concern. The EPA has declared that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air quality has become a major concern to doctors treating patients with allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair, dander, cooking oils and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your duct systems every time the furnace or air conditioner runs. It is estimated that the average 1500 square foot home generates 40 pounds of dust per year. These contaminants circulate in the air you breathe year round creating an environment that is 100 times more polluted than the air outside. Air handling systems are the prime movers of contaminates throughout the home back to its occupants. Studies show it only takes 5 minutes for mold to completely circulate throughout the air handling unit of a five story building. These contaminants build up inside the ductwork over time and can help make your duct system an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew, dust mites and other microbes. Are allergy flair ups common in your home? Are watery eyes, sneezing and stuffy noses?


Inspect your system to determine whether cleaning is necessary and follow the NADCA Code of Ethics.
We will clean your system, and sanitize your air ducts and vents.
We will replace your current filter at, NO CHARGE. For your benefit, we found the simplest way to provide any estimate is by the number of grills and registers; both supply and return. Our regular price is $55.00 for each supply or return register.

Using state of the art cleaning equipment, we remove these contaminants not just from registers and vents but from the source, the unit itself. To help fight outbreaks of mold and other bacteria, we can also apply an EPA approved anti-microbial UV bulb that will help kill remaining bacterial organisms.

We will provide our clients with accurate inspections and evaluations for the cleanliness and physical condition of their HVAC systems, using this information to determine the type of cleaning and maintenance services required, if any.

We will provide only necessary and desired services to our clients, and will not use furnace/air duct cleaning as a means of selling unnecessary or unwanted products or services. We will require that all employees of our firm practice furnace/air duct cleaning in accordance with NADCA Guidelines and the Code of Ethics.
We will perform all our services in accordance with the current published standards of the association.

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