24/7 Emergency Services

Folsom Services inc. is the leading environmental and hazardous emergency solution. We provide immediate and professional solutions to any disaster or accident you may experience. Call us for details on all of our emergency programs.

Bucket Truck & Crane Service

Folsom Service inc. is here to help you complete your project quickly and safely. We offer a wide variety of civil project Bucket Truck or Crane Service vehicles so that no matter the situation we will get the job done.

Store Remodels & Resets

From concept to completion, Folsom Services inc. works hard to make sure your all of your facility construction projects are accurate, unified and cohesive with your overall brand and image.

Outside Lighting

Folsom Services inc. is a licensed electrical service provider fully-equipped for 24/7 for large or small outdoor lighting repair. Call Folsom Services inc. for any new outdoor lighting project.

Network Cabling

Folsom Services inc. provides the critical backbone of all communication systems. We understand the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining your network cabling system.

Novar Building Controls

Folsom Services inc. can assist you on your Novar Controls to centrally manage any HVAC, refrigeration and lighting system for energy efficient business need. We specialize in installation of direct digital control and energy management.

Specialty Receptacles

Electrical receptacles, or outlets, have become indispensable parts of our homes. With so many electrical devices and appliances, using the right outlet is important in safeguarding your family and business.

Ballast/Lamp Replacement

Performance depends on the type and brand of light bulb. Let Folsom Services inc. choose the most efficient light bulb to meet your business’s needs.

Lighting Contractors & Controls

Lighting control systems are one of the easiest ways to save on energy costs. From small, local devices like timers and occupancy sensors to sophisticated customized solutions, Folsom Service inc. will find a solution to meet your project needs within your budget.

Folsom Services, Inc. is a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer

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