Building Automation Controls FAQ’s

Trend installations can be found anywhere from a single McDonald’s® restaurant with one IQ3xact controller to some of the largest control projects in the world including Hong Kong Exchange Square, Heathrow Airport British Airways Terminal and Buckingham Palace. In the US, you can find Trend in Verizon, Bloomberg, US Cellular as well as the Reliant Energy power plant near Titusville, Florida.

First and foremost: The architecture and local delivery through Trend Technology Centers. Second, the ability to monitor and control your system using standard Web browsers from anywhere in the world gives you unparalleled access to all your sites. Trend’s fully free-programmable IQ2 series controllers provide a wide range of controller and I/O options, and the IQSxcite controllers provide I/O flexibility and expandability through I/O modules. Trend solutions use a variety of communication protocols that enable you to cost-effectively build and expand the system that works best for you. The products Folsom Services installs today are backward compatible with the products built more than 20 years ago, so your existing Trend IQ investment is always protected. Finally, Trend solutions last and are easily extensible so you enjoy a faster, better return on your investment. And because they’re so easily installed and serviced, you also save maintenance costs over the long term.

Folsom Services, consists of Trend-trained, certified and experienced controls professionals, are dedicated to supporting your system for the life of your building, and are backed by Trend technical, administrative, customer service, and sales support staff. The Trend system itself is designed to be backward compatible, which means with Trend’s evolving innovations, your investment is protected with a Trend system guaranteed to always work.

The Trend control system can be accessed from any computer using a standard Web browser or through a modem and phone line. The powerful yet simple to use 963 Supervisor graphics package can provide the same graphical user interface through the World Wide Web anywhere and any time you have access to the Internet. Also, IQSxcite controllers have built-in Web servers that provide user-specific Web pages through which the system may be managed. Folsom Services can prioritize alarms and deliver them however you require, whether that’s through on-site annunciation, email, pager, cell phone, or any combination of these. Finally, Trend’s IQVIew touchscreen can be a stand-alone or additional local management interface to the Trend system, providing easy-to-use touchscreen access to and management of the IQ system.


  • Can I troubleshoot before calling for service?
  • How do I decide when to repair or replace old equipment?
  • Why should I need Extended Warranty Protection?
  • Are new heating and air conditioning systems needed to purchase ext. warranty protection?
  • What is covered under an extended warranty plan?
  • What kind of charge may occur for service?
  • How do I get this plan?

Can I troubleshoot before calling for service?

Yes you can. Here are a few simple things to check before requesting a service call:

Check your disconnects – (indoor and outdoor if you have a split system). Make sure circuit breakers are not tripped and no fuses have blown.
Check airflow Make sure filters are clean and supply and return air grilles are open and not blocked in anyway.
Check your thermostat – For cooling, make sure the temperature control is set below room temperature and the system switch is in the cool or auto position. For heat, make sure the temperature control selector is set above room temperature and the system switch is in the heat or auto position.

How do I decide when to repair or replace old equipment?
There are three main factors to consider:

*Life expectancy of equipment
*Operating cost
*Look at the whole picture

Life Expectancy of Equipment
Life expectancy of your equipment should be between 10 to 15 years, but when equipment ages and breaks down it can be very stressful. Finding the least expensive and fastest way to get your unit working is top priority. Though it may be the least expensive now, it may not give you the most for your money in the long run. Repairing an old and inefficient unit can get expensive and can happen over and over.

Operating Cost
There’s also another factor to consider: Repairing your old unit will only bring it back to the efficiency level it was before the break down.

By today’s standards of energy efficiency, even 5 and 6 year old heat pumps and air conditioners are considered to be outdated. With new high efficiency equipment you could save up to 60% on your energy bills. Installing a new heating and cooling system can pay for itself in energy savings within a short period of time.

Look at the Whole Picture
When one part on your unit goes bad it’s easy to just replace that one part and move on, but keep in mind that all parts of your unit work together to give you the efficiency and reliability it is rated for.

By replacing only part of your system, such as the condenser and not the air handler, or not replacing an old thermostat, will not allow your unit to work to your greatest advantage. Replacing several components of your system, such as humidifier, air handler, condenser, ductwork and thermostat all at the same time can often save on installation costs as well.

Parts and labor costs for one service call can easily be $100.00 or more.

Yes, but Folsom Services offers a premium service contract on any unit 5 years old or less and in good working condition.

The plan covers parts and labor for products that fall under normal wear. It does not cover normal maintenance.

Extended warranties do not cover preventative maintenance or damage due to Mother Nature or outside causes

This is paid at the time of purchasing your new unit. It is a one time charge for the life of your coverage.

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